Emily Baert - Photographer/Life-enjoyer

About me

My name is Emily, a 26-year old enthusiastic photographer.
In 2011, I grew a passion for photography due to my graduation-course as a graphic designer. In that course, I was submerged in the analogue art of photography. Afterwards, I decided to attend Photography at KDG-college in Antwerp.

I have my own special view of the world and I try to embrace this and show this as much as I can in my work. I love going to places I’ve never seen and enjoying every single piece of it.
You can describe my style as spontaneous, artistic and different. I love spontaneous images with that special extra touch. The rest is easy!

To me, photography is freedom, telling a story, capturing an important moment in someone’s life, turning an emotion into a picture. It’s for the love of photography that I enjoy my work.

Every smile, every feeling, all the love I receive and so much more. Photography is more than just clicking a button on your camera! To make things short, I want to give people a special day and let everyone know that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Can I help you with this?

I've done work for:

- Moernaut schoenen & lederwaren
- Libelle - James
- Choice juwelen
- Bloos
-Antwerpen proeft 2018/2019

I've assited with Klaartje Lambrechts for:

-De Standaard magazine 3/2/2018
-De weekend Knack 16/5/2018

Art is creating a photo on the right time and the right moment

My portfolio